Workshop - ESG and Purpose in Corporations

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12 May 11:00
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Everyone wants to make a positive impact nowadays, not least through our consumer behavior. But what does impact actually mean?  And how do we trust corporations when they say they’re making it?

Much about sustainability today goes against the grain of how corporations have been run for the past 50 years (shareholder v. stakeholder primacy, anyone?). The way we measure success, how that dictates day-to-day operations and goal-setting, and which business activities are or are not incentivized all change when we implicate the private sector in stewarding our planet, our civil societies, and the finite resources provided by both. 

While corporations are by people for people, our interactions with and expectations of them are evolving. All of this demands a paradigm shift in how companies are run, how they conceive of their role in society, how they are held accountable through measurement and reporting, and how they ultimately achieve business resilience.

Come with us as we dive into what Environmental, Social, and Governance means in theory and practice and why we should all be demanding ESG programs in the companies we choose to work for.   

A workshop by Publicis Groupe 

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