Workshop - Industry 4.0

Start time
12 May 11:00
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Industry 4.0 – A carousel on relevant topics for the fourth revolution in production.

The industry 4.0 Carousel is a story linking the physical asset through data, analysis, planning, systems and security to added value for our customer to survive the latest revolution in production.

The average production company has to deal with legacy systems, aging assets and rising quality demands. Understanding and controlling one’s assets will make the difference between doing or going out of business. Getting lost in data oceans, expert knowledge and KPI’s is far too easy. Knowledge and control of these assets can be derived from data under the right circumstances and approach. Let us tell you the story of a successful and replicable approach, applicable for any project size. We love to hear your insights on the different subjects.

If you listen carefully - there is plenty of work still to be done – you can pick a subject and surprise us with a suggestion on an internship or work position in our straight forward cultured Dutch company.





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