Workshop - Beyond your CV

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12 May 12:45
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In this workshop offered by Scrips, you discover how to think beyond your CV. Hiring requirements are in constant change due to the frequent economic landscape changes. In the last decade, companies have shown a steady pace of taking digital transformation into consideration. Lately and according to recent surveys; companies' digital adoption has been accelerated by seven to eight years 

Based on the domino theory, these accelerated changes will influence all other life aspects; including business together with hiring & recruitment. One of the results of adopting technology during the latest world crises was activating global remote work. Not only that, but now recruiters are also looking to the world as a gigantic talent pool, which creates a high number of candidates competing for the available vacancies. 

Thereby, everyone looking for a job should pay attention to these new hiring changes which formed new requirements. One essential step to succeed in getting the recruiter’s attention is your CV and your digital presents, nevertheless, in further steps during the interview process you need to think beyond your CV. During the hiring process when interviews take place, applicants need to find creative ways to show that they own the necessary skills and qualities needed to succeed in a world that has changed in the face of upheaval. As well, applicants need to set up the connection and display culture alignments with the company values. 



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